Plums are short stories, often very short stories, that I mail out to subscribers once a month via email. This service is free. There are no ads. I do not share email addresses. Subscribers remain anonymous.

How short?

Short as in short skirts, short change, and 'get shorty'!

If a story gets too long I divide it up into monthly segments or in some cases publish it as a paperback and send it to Plumpluckers who would rather read their plums on paper. These books, which can be bought at bookstores, are free for my subscribers just like everything else at Plumplucker

Plums from the past

To give you an idea of what to expect from PlumPlucker here are some plums from the past.

About me and myself

My name is Greg FitzPatrick. I write, I do graphics and I make music. I work and live in Stockholm, Sweden. And, yes, I am a true literary philanthropist.