Launching PlumPlucker Music with FitzPatrick's Follow Me Around the World

Johanna Frostling

Johanna Frostling

Vocals on Follow Me Around the World are performed by Johanna Frostling, an up and coming singer-songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. With her versatile voice and mastery of a wide range of musical styles, Johanna is currently collaborating with several Swedish producers on future releases. Johanna's own compositions can be heard on her Soundcloud channel.

Greg FitzPatrick

Greg FitzPatrick

Greg FitzPatrick, born in Beverly Hills, California, but a resident of Sweden since 1968, is best known in this country for his work with synthesizers, the musical instrument he pioneered in this country. Michael Wiehe's Flickan och kråkan, och Adolphson Falk's Blinkar blå are two of his more successful productions.

Interview with Greg

You are very old.

Tell me about it

You are making pop music at the age of 70?

Yeah, crazy, but I have always been making music of one sort or another.

With synthesizers?

Synthesizers became my thing because I love mastering technology and because I am rather helpless without it. But today synthesizers are just computers that can't do anything else but make music. The computer totally dominates the production of music. Music is logical. Music is algorithmic. That suits computers just fine.

But isn't music emotion, art, romance?

Don't think so. If it was then every living thing with ears would be digging and dancing, which obviously isn't the case. Humans are emotional, we love rhythm and melody, and we can't resist packaging sexual drift in romantic ideals. Music is a code that triggers all that stuff.

You were, like, the first person in Sweden to . . .

Nobody's first. Let's just say I was early with all the electronic shit – the synths, and the samplers and the sequencers. Everything was expensive so I had to start a business importing gear in order to be able to have access to this stuff. On account of my import business I had more access than anybody in the country.

FitzPatrick is a project where you and your daughter, Fiona make music together?

That's what I was originally hoping for, but Fiona doesn't really like everything I come up with. She thinks I should never have left the eighties which is problematic since I hate repeating myself. We are really tight and working together is natural for us, but a lot of the time she is just humoring me, helping her Dad with songs she thinks are weird. If Fiona comes to me with her own ideas from the start, or likes something I do, then it will most likely end up on a Rebecca and Fiona production or somewhere else. FitzPatrick gets all the leftovers.

That's okay with you?

That we can work together is more important to me than gaining publicity through Fiona's name. She is a master of phrasing and can write a good song lyric in minutes, I think she is turning into a great songwriter. None of the material we have worked on – which is pretty extensive since we have been at it for almost 5 years – would sound like it does if she hadn't been involved, but as I said earlier she doesn't really feel like it is her music. So for the time being, FitzPatrick is just me, Greg.